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Research Graupner / Fondation La Borie en Limousin

Raphaël Pichon and Pygmalion took part in a project about the composer Christoph Graupner (1683-1760), that aimed to let the public discover his great vocal work which was unknown in France until then.

The Fondation La Borie-en-Limousin and the Fondation Royaumont joined and supported this goal.

This research conducted by Michel Uhlmann and the research laboratory of the Fondation La Borie consisted in probing into Graupner's entirely handwritten vocal work consisting of 1442 works. 

This research led to a set of concerts and to the publication of new cantatas and texts about Grapuner (studies and translations).




Conference on Christoph Graupner by Michel Uhlmann
Autobiography of Christoph Graupner, translation by Dennis Collins & Hilla Maria Heintz for the Fondation La Borie-en-Limousin, 2013
Christoph Graupner, Grundlage einer Ehrenpforte, Graupner's autobiography (original)
Preface to the Chorals book of Christoph Graupner, translation by Michel Uhlmann for the Fondation La Borie-en-Limousin, 2013
Christoph Graupner Vorwort zum Choralbuch 1728 (original)
The principle of simplicity in Graupner's work, text by Oswald Bill - Michel Uhlmann
Scores of the Cantata Ach, wo nun hin, GWV 1150/09, Michel Uhlmann edition
Programme note of Pygmalion's concert in Limoges, September 20th 2013 (translations of cantatas' texts by Hilla Maria Heintz)


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